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The packaged drinking water plant triggers providers have innovation in production. It makes them to serve pure water at a very much high quantity to cater a huge number of people. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and as well as a metro city. So it is needless to say how much people busy here. Evidently they need more packaged water and that is why Ideas Engineering Works is the biggest exporters of packaged drinking water in Kolkata.

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Knowing these facts of packaged drinking water individuals needed to change the normal regular water into it. At the point when they came to know the sound advantages of packaged drinking water, they moved their head into the mineral water and specialists likewise prescribed to utilize the mineral water as their normal premise.

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Packaged Drinking Water Plant in Kolkata, West Bengal India

Ultimate Filtration:

The automated filtration of drinking water plant is a significant part that expects to ensure the contamination of the water. With the help of computerized filtration drinking water plants, certain highlights that are being kept up with in the Automatic filtration drinking water plant.


Whenever we talk about new and clean consumable water, packaged drinking mineral water is the most ideal choice that we can ponder. The newness and taste of mineral water is a decision for the specialists too. Now a days, people are very much concerned about their health. So it is obvious that people want to follow a healthy diet to extend the longevity of their life. Because of health awareness drinking mineral water supply is very much needed service in the urban areas as well as in the sub-urban areas also, North Bengali is so. Therefore Idea Engineering Works vow to provide you the best drinking water with utmost purity. o.

Packaged Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer from Kolkata

The reality being, it contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that are sound for your heart. The mineral water plant apparatus providers have innovation which assists with purging just the hurtful synthetic compounds while permitting the necessary minerals to remain in the water. In a metropolitan city like Kolkata mineral water is a must need for the citizens. We process the water under several test and with 100% convection.

  • It very well may be expressed that the mineral water plant is additionally offered to different associations and workplaces.
  • This would be useful as the association can feel free to set up mineral water plants according to their own prerequisite.
  • You can benefit a mineral water plant according to your accommodation. Hence, this is attempted as one of the main elements which assists with building better wellbeing for individuals
  • The mineral water plant is planned with different models that assists with ensuring that the water plant can be purchased by various individuals.
  • This is attempted as one of the main elements which can be viewed as a cutthroat angle on the lookout.
  • It very well may be recognized that the plants are planned in such a way that assists with fitting in enormous, medium and little businesses.
  • Along these lines, this is a significant angle that will be very much dealt with and henceforth requires enquiry of the clients at different levels. Along these lines, we are only a summon to help your discussions and ensure that the best assistance is given to individuals in the most ideal way.

Bengal to Set Up 8 Bottled Water Plants

The West Bengal government has decided to set up several bottled water plants in the state to enhance industrialism and employment of the youth. To be specific the Mamata Banerjee government has decided to set up 8 plants across the different districts of West Bengal. According to the newly appointed urban and rural development minister Pulok Roy these plants are made to provide drinking water bottles more at a huge quantity. Roy also stated that there are several number of people well get a job and the curse of unemployment will be abolished. Around 5 years ago when this department belong to Late Subrata Mukherjee this plan was first initiated. But now after 5 years it is ready to deliver. Pulok Roy also said that the whole distribution will be conducted under the inveiglement of Public Health Engineering Department.Pulok Roy also told us that this project is basically at a pilot stage. They have taken up some areas to set up the plant and start the work for preliminary stage. Later there will be more bottled water plants in West Bengal.

Fully Automatic 40 BPM Water Bottle Filling

The bottle filling machine is constructed with machines for washing-filling-covering all together, inside a solitary unit. Our fully automatic 40 BPM water filling machine adjusts as per the client's plan. It allows the machine to fill various sorts of bottles. It is for the most part utilized as a mineral water filling machine. In addition, it can likewise be utilized to fill PET bottles with substance like natural product juice and tea having a higher temperature, essentially by changing the valve.

Mineral Water Plant Online at Best Price in India

Price of Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer in Kolkata, India

It is very much risky to drink water which is not purified. It can content arsenic and other harmful particles which may cause many kind of water borne diseases, such as - black foot disease, cholera, diarrheaand many more. Therefore doctors always prescribe to have mineral drinking water. Mineral drinking water have several benefits for our body which we have discussed before. In spite that India is a river based country, we face a lot of problems about drinking water. So what can be better than a mineral water plant to solve this problem.It is a very much profitable venture in this country. It will cost around quarter of a crore and you will be able to earn five lakhs rupees easily per month.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant for Sale

The creation of mineral water is a troublesome and vital cycle that goes through various means which assists with working on the nature of water. The water is delivered under a ton of complex techniques so the wellbeing of individuals is all around kept up with. Where we sold them -

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs:

How can I get mineral water plant license in West Bengal?

There are an assortment of registrations that you want to go through before at long last beginning your business. Keep in mind, all the underneath registrations is compulsory without which your business will be illicit and culpable under law.

Registrations and licenses:

All the above licenses are obligatory and set aside effort to enlist. In addition, you need to fill a ton of structures and follow rules and guidelines ideal. You would yourself be able to apply to all the above license and register however it will require some investment and a profound comprehension of the legitimate cycles to do as such. We prescribe you to consult an outsider specialist organization to enlist all the above licenses

How much does it cost to start a mineral water plant?

The mineral drinking water plant would cost according to the nature of hardware that are utilized. The robotized machines would cost more than that of the manual ones. In addition, Ideas Engineering would have the option to provide you with the smartest Idea of the item and subsequently. Say around 15 lakh Rs at the initial stage. Later increase the investment to gain more profit.

Mineral Water Plant Online at Best Price in India
Drinking water systems

Is packaged drinking water business profitable?

The overall revenue in drinking water business is exceptionally reliant. On the off chance that you sell 500-ml, 1-liter, and 5-liter containers, the normal benefit will be 10-15%. In any case, in the event that you sell 5-liter containers, the normal benefit will associate with 30-40%. Yet, the quantity of containers sold additionally fluctuates per class. The quantity of containers sold in the little jugs classification undeniably more surpasses the quantity of jugs sold in the enormous container class.

What is the cost of packaged drinking water plant?

The packaged drinking water plant is considered to be highly profitable in small scale industries. The industries can be juice or drinks and beverage industry. Therefore, this is one of the most important factor that the pricing is well maintained. Thus, the apt pricing measures are hereby maintained that helps to identify the best price that would be levied accordingly. You will require licenses that has been discussed previously as well as capital to purchase machinery. And you must have land to set up the plant.

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