Bhatpara Sewage Treatment Plant, West Bengal

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The Bhatpara sewage treatment plant is basically made upon Fixed-Bed Biofilm Activated Sludge Process (FBAS). The sewage treatment plant which is made at Bhatpara is completely followed bike invention and conviction.

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STP Plant Kolkata

The best thing about this sewage treatment plant is its efficiency. It requires half of the space with compared to other STPs. It also reduces bad odor by 80% and consumes less electricity. The sewage treatment plant is very much effective as well as efficient for the resources. Now what was the reason to build it. The significance of STP is – • It disposes all kind of bacteria and infections out of water.
• The smell outflow is prevented very well.
• The grits are separated in a effective and speedy way.
• No water wastage.
This is how sewage treatments are done. After the whole sewage treatment is done and the water is made clean for potential end-use. The STP plants maybe sometimes become dirty, so it must be cleaned. Otherwise the whole process makes no sense.

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STP Plant Kolkata
STP means Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant Kolkata

STP means Sewage Treatment Plant. The sewage treatment plant treats raw sewage and fruit water that would increase the pollution of water and soil. By this method it is ensured that the water which is disposed is clean. The sewerage treatment plant of Kolkata district in West Bengal was intended to provide a huge amount of 120,000 m 1/day of homegrown sewage created from around 18% population of the metropolitan. The last sewage from the treatment plant is released into the adjoining Ganga River. According to a recent study it is seen that the average flow rate at the inlet was estimated as 163,000 m³ /day normally.

Benefits of STP

These days due to our fast and forward lifestyle the water is getting very much contaminated. At the point everyone knows the sound advantages of mineral water, they moved their head into the mineral water and doctors and water specialist also requirement to shake before drinking.


See, now when the interest of mineral water are is increasing and people are turning more towards it, few brands and furthermore some little financial backers are attempting to cash in hand make a lot of money in mineral water business and they likewise set mineral water plant and produce it.


STP is in high on interest for its great minerals and its health benefiting properties. Such countless enterprises are needed to put away their cash on this business. So the producer set their plant price truly reasonable.

Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kolkata, West Bengal

Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kolkata, West Bengal

Water treatment is a cycle of processes that is intended to follow to clean and purify water and subsequently, make it consumable for human beings and other animals.The modern framework of wastewater treatment is so much efficient that it does not hurt the ecological harmony. The treatment framework is a course of taking care of individual advances that arrangements with explicit water treatment needs.Therefore Ideas Engineering Works sets up essential water treatment plants in different School buildings, big apartments, multinational companies. Those setups are – • Filter: The grits and solid particles of the water are separated in this filter.
• Chemical Feed: this is a very much necessary and important part of the whole cycle. In this part small contaminations which cannot be eliminated completely are treated with chemical treatments.
• Secondary Filtration: This is needed to filter out the left beings. Left beings which have passed through the previous two filtrations.
• Final filtration: The necessary step to eliminate the solids and grits still left in the water.
• Adjustment in PH: This is a final check to ensure that the pH level is fine for human use.
• Control Panel: This is relied fair and square of robotizing required this is totally subject to the necessities of the plant cycle and the treatment that is needed for the plant interaction. If needed we also import products and higher specialized team to deal with problems. This completely based upon the situations. The meaning is we won’t compromise with safety.Offices to create the organic interest like that of a treatment framework that lessens the biochemical oxygen requirements is to be discussed and sorted out.

Sewage Treatment Plant in West Bengal, Exporters India

Mineral Water Plant is very much important and profitable venture in big state markets. Ideas Engineering Works get requests from various states of the country and so from Odisha. From Kolkata’s producer are suppliers we have become the supplier in all around the India. It very well may be expressed that the mineral water plant is additionally offered to different associations and workplaces. You can benefit a mineral water plant according to your accommodation. Hence, this is attempted as one of the main elements which assists with building better wellbeing for individuals.
The creation of mineral water is a troublesome and vital cycle that goes through various means which assists with working on the nature of water. The water is created under a great deal of modern strategies with the goal that the strength of individuals is all around kept up with. Along these lines, this is a significant angle that will be very much dealt with and henceforth requires enquiry of the clients at different levels. Along these lines, we are only assume to help your discussions and ensure that the best assistance is given to individuals in the most ideal way.

Mineral Water Plant Online at Best Price in India

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Kolkata

Ideas Engineering Works are No.1 STP manufacturers in Kolkata, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Eastern India. We set STPs for big housing complex, MNC offices, hospitals, school-colleges, domestic projects and anywhere you just name. The sewage water plants are of different sorts according to the kinds of sewage. This is concerning the general course of cleaning. Ideas Engineering works are identified with a long history of work. We have been trading WTP, STP, ETP for two decades now. We also have been exporting our plants all over the continent for a long time now. We have had the option to build its client base since its origin in the midst of the relative multitude of cruel circumstances. You can just reach us at our email address and we are only a call away. We always try to serve you door to door and directly communicate with you to solve your problems regarding water. Ideas Engineering Works has been one of the main companies that has the capability of catering the clients all over India.We provide our services with reasonable costs and with next to no think twice about quality. In this way, here we are to serve you the necessary STP that would be useful to clean the polluted water.

Sewage Treatment Plant in India

It tends to be seen that, the age of industrial wastewater is dominating because of fast forwarding lifestyle of hours.Which produce its own specific blend of poisons are incredibly affecting the general climate. Thus, natural guidelines have guided every one of the industrial units to implant sewage treatment plant to control the immediate arrival of untreated wastewater in water bodies. With the help of STP, the crude water around us is dealt with and is transformed to consumable water. Consequently, the significance of STP plants can be considered as one of the most important entity to achieve prosperity in terms of water purification.

Different Types of STP

The different types of sewage water plant have been presented on the website and is utilized by Ideas Engineering Works. Due to so much in the arsenal they are well ready to clean the debasements on the water. We use mainly 5 types of STPs as per requirements. Those are –
• Activated sludge plant (ASP)
• Rotating disc system.
• Submerged aerated filter (SAF)
• Suspended Media Filters (SMF)
• Sequencing batch reactor (SBR)
These are the best water treatment plants that assistance to extricate sewage. Thusly, this is one of the main pieces of the water treatment process.

Wastewater Treatment in Kolkata

WWTP stands for Wastewater Treatment Plant. Wastewater treatment is viewed as a cycle that assists with working on the nature of water and subsequently, make it consumable for better end use. The modern framework of wastewater treatment is so much efficient that it does not hurt the ecological harmony.The productive and very much planned water treatment plants ought to have the option to deal with some other subsequent things. Such as - • Whether there is any contamination in the stream or in the water flow in the treatment tank.
• The nutrient values of the water are intact or not.
• The potential changes in the water effluent treatment processes.
The specific parts in the wastewater treatment framework relies on the sources of wastewater. It is very important to determine because purification process is based upon it.And, Ideas Engineering Works provide water treatment plants and other water setup very low cost in compare with market. The aquaculture of wastewater in Kolkata wastewater treatment plants is followed by the following processes. It can be categorized into 4 types –

a. Physical Treatment

In this stage, physical treatment processes are utilized for cleaning the wastewater. Processes like screening, sedimentation and skimming are utilized to eliminate the solids. No synthetic compounds are associated with this process.

b. Biological Treatment

This utilizes different biological treatments to separate the natural matter present in wastewater, like cleanser, human waste, oils and food. Microorganisms utilize natural matter in the wastewater in organic treatment.

c. Chemical Treatment

As the name proposes, this treatment includes the utilization of Chemicals and synthetic resins in water. Chlorine, an oxidizing compound, is usually used to eradicate microorganisms which decays water by adding impurities to it.

d. Sludge Treatment

This is a strong fluid partition process where the most un-conceivable leftover dampness is needed in the strong stage and the least conceivable strong molecule deposits are needed in the isolated fluid stage

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment is a cycle of processes that is intended to follow to clean and purify water and subsequently, make it consumable for human beings and other animals. The modern framework of wastewater treatment is so much efficient that it does not hurt the ecological harmony. The treatment framework is a course of taking care of individual advances that arrangements with explicit water treatment needs. The treatment is done to make sure that everyone can use this water for any kind of explicit use.

Benefits of Drinking Water from WTP

Subsequent to knowing these realities of faucet water individuals needed to change the normal regular water into great water. At the point when they came to know the sound advantages of packaged drinking water, they moved their head into the mineral water and specialists likewise prescribed to utilize the mineral water as their normal premise.


The automated filtration of drinking water plant is a significant part that expects to ensure that the filtration interaction in the drinking water plant is all around kept up with. In addition, with the help of programmed filtration drinking water plants, certain highlights that are being kept up with in the Automatic filtration drinking water plant.

Expert Advice

At whatever point we talk about new and clean consumable water, packaged drinking mineral water is the most ideal choice that we can ponder. The newness and taste of mineral water is a decision for the specialists too. This is a very profitable venture these days. To open a water plant you will need these required license and meet this criteria Please contact our expert +919038090600

Registrations and licenses
  1. Firm Registration
  2. BIS Registration
  3. GST Registration
  4. Trade License
  5. Pollution Certificate
  6. FSSAI Registration
  7. MSME/SSI Certification IEC Code

Area Requirement and other things -

We suggest you to arrange at least 1000 sq. ft. area to get your mineral water plant started in this country. You can part the region into two sections – a big part of it to store the unrefined substances, bottles, and so forth and the other half to deal with water treatment. Other than that you will require – Submersible Pump (1-3), Storage Tanks (1000 Litre), Sand Filter Activated Carbon Filter (30-40 T/h), Treatment Tanks (2000 litre), Reverse Osmosis Plant (3000 litre/hour) and some other machineries. All would cost around 15 to 20 lakh Rs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is sewage treatment?

Sewage treatment is one of the most popular wastewater treatment. It is used widely overall the nation. Sewage treatment basically focuses on to remove any kind of harmful particles and contamination from water. It also treats the crude water and disposes it in the environments safely. It treats the human wastes and left beings and thereby prevents pollution from untreatedsewages.

2. What is the process of sewage treatment plant?

As per India's infrastructure the water treatment system works in the following ways –
Screening and Pumping:
The wastewater goes through screening levels where articles, for example, clothes, wood parts,plastics, and oil are eliminated. The material eliminated is washed and squeezed and discarded in a landfill. The screened wastewater is then siphoned to the subsequent stage: which is pumping.
Grit Removal:
In this step, the water after getting pump is separated from sand and rock is taken out from the wastewater. This material is additionally discarded in a landfill.
Primary Settling:
The material, which will settle, yet at a more slow rate than stage two, is taken out utilizing enormous round tanks called clarifiers.
Activated Sludge:
In this level, the wastewater gets the majority of its treatment. Through organic debasement, the contaminations are eliminated by microorganisms and changed into cell tissue, water, and nitrogen. The organic action happening in this progression is basically the same as what happens at the lower part of lakes and waterways.
Secondary Settling:
Huge round tanks called auxiliary clarifiers permit the treated wastewater to isolate from the science from the air circulation tanks at this progression, yielding a gushing, which is presently more than 90% treated. The science (enacted ooze) is consistently siphoned from the lower part of the clarifiers and got back to the air circulation tanks in sync four.
The explained emanating is cleaned in this progression by sifting through 10 micron polyester media. The material caught on the outer layer of the circle channels is occasionally discharged and gotten back to the top of the plant for treatment.
To guarantee the treated wastewater is for all intents and purposes liberated from microscopic organisms, bright sanitization is utilized later the filtration step. The bright treatment process kills remaining microscopic organisms to levels inside our release license.
Oxygen Uptake:
The treated water, presently in an extremely settled great state, is circulated air through if important to bring the disintegrated oxygen up to allow level. Later this progression, the treated water goes through the profluent outfall where it joins the Oconomowoc River.

3 What is a sewage treatment plant called?

The sewage water plants are of different kinds according to the sorts of water plant. This is with respect to the general course of cleaning. The main 5 stages are –

• Preliminary Settlement:

Eliminates the enormous pieces, sand and coarseness.
• Mechanical Process: Eliminating the little solids.
• Biological Process: Eliminates things that are broken up.
• Chemical Feed: Disposing of dead microscopic organisms and their waste.
• Tertiary treatment: Eliminating any hurtful microbes.

4. What are the 3 types of sewage treatment?

The sewage water plants are of different kinds according to the sorts of sewage. This is with respect to the general course of cleaning. Ideas Engineering Works mainly provides 3 types of STPs – • Activated Sludge Plant (ASP) • Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) • Suspended Media Filters (SMF)

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